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Ever been to one of those conferences where the sessions are so boring, it’s all you can do to just stay awake? And forget about taking notes.

Those sessions are the bane of my existence. I’m all, “Holy shit, why did I pay for this?”

Don’t bore the people who are paying you for knowledge.

Don’t bait and switch your audience with a gorgeous, lively event graphic…and then plop someone with the magnetic personality of the Crypt Keeper in front of them.

Do them a favor and book someone with a pulse, or better yet, a sense of humor.

Book me.

I speak at conferences and special events worldwide on topics including copywriting, conversion optimization, humor psychology, and email marketing.

Lianna Patch CTAConf 2017

Lianna has the skillful ability of making conversion copywriting accessible by adding a much needed dose of humor. She’s laugh-out-loud funny, but leaves you feeling like you learned something. We were more than happy to have her speak at VenturePOP Conference.

Justin Shiels
Co-Founder, VenturePOP Conference
Justin Shiels
Co-Founder, VenturePOP Conference

Catch me in 2018

Available presentations

These are the presentations I’m currently booking. Check back when you feel like it–as my plan for world domination comes to fruition, I’ll be adding more.

CLC - Facebook Ad

Convert Like Crazy is an info-packed conversion optimization presentation.
Learn more than 20 actionable copywriting and design hacks to improve your website or landing page conversions.

Co-presented by Punchline Conversion Copywriting and expert graphic designer Julia Sevin.

6 Email Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know

Send Smarter teaches you and your marketing team how to get better open rates and click-throughs from your “routine” email marketing.
Discover how to write irresistible subject lines, create a real relationship with your readers, and get them to click through. Plus, learn the common mistakes that are killing your email deliverability and credibility.

Co-presented by Punchline Conversion Copywriting and expert graphic designer Julia Sevin.

How to Write Your Irresistible Onboarding Emails

Do you run a SaaS business? Then you probably know that it costs 7x more to win a new customer than to simply KEEP the old ones around. Retention emails are the key to keeping your customers engaged. Are you using them to your advantage?

We’ll go through 4 best practices of email marketing, then look at 6 things successful SaaS businesses are doing with their retention emails–and how you can do them too.

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Get yourself a Punchline original

Want to hear my hot take on the topic of your choice? I’ll happily put together a 100% homegrown presentation for your audience.

Your original presentation will have a lot of jokes, because I can’t help myself.

Topics on which I can speak at length include:

  • Copywriting
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Marketing psychology
  • Inbound marketing

Topics on which I can speak at length, but which you’d probably like me to avoid, include:

  • The Oxford comma
  • A woman’s right to choose
  • Goddamn hipsters