Your copy is so boring, it’s killing your sales.


Laugh all the way to the bank


Knock knock.
Who’s there?
A shitload of money!

It’s science that laughing makes us feel good. But why would you want your clients or customers to laugh at you?

Humor activates parts of the brain associated with happiness and fulfillment (Harvard, 2010).

When your customers associate your business with “having a great time,” they’re more likely to remember and like you.

Unfortunately, if you’re not a clown, it can be hard to nail down exactly what will tickle their funny bones. That’s where I come in.

Lianna is on point with what she writes, she’s timely, and she’s professional. Can’t say enough good things about her!

Brock LaBorde
Co-Owner, The New Movement Theater

Brock LaBorde
Co-Owner, The New Movement Theater

Funny copy isn’t for everyone.


Mortuaries, surgeons, and nuclear power plants should stay out of the humor copy arena.

If your product or service is tres serieux, it doesn’t make sense to make light.

But if you have room for a little levity — say, you’re marketing a new app or running a comedy theater — then we should talk.

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